“Définition du cadre général” à l'aide de Synanim

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CNVC' is sponsoring a year-long "Process for a New Future" to support the NVC community in deciding how it will organize. The first phase of this process is called "Framing the Big Picture." In this phase, all those who are interested will participate in an on-line process (using a tool called Synanim) to collaboratively develop a description, in broad brushstrokes, of what the NVC community collectively wants.


There are a variety of information resources available related to the "Framing the Big Picture" on-line process.

Webpages and documents:

Languages Supported

The "Framing the Big Picture" process using Synanim is supported in these languages:

There are plans to also support the process in:

  • Portuguese (Brazilian)

(See also Process for a New Future main page.)