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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

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Translate NVC[edit]

This wiki is dedicated to help translate pages about NVC. More than 300 languages are provided. The CNVC started an equivalent wiki but the email fonctions aren't available yet.

An equivalent of this site, with french as primary language : Translate NVC/fr.

Example : Clear the space

How does it work ?[edit]

It uses the Mediawiki Extension Translate on this website. A pretty extensive User documentation is available.

  1. Bob would like the page to be translated
  2. He writes his request in the #Requests paragraph below
  3. One of the administrators of this site website creates a copy of the page in this wiki (Clear the space in this example), and marks it as needing translation
  4. Translators can start translating, helped by the fact that many can contribute like on
  5. Bob and anybody interested in the subject can follow the translation (see Email changes), every time a translator presses the "Save page" button, and can see the percentage of translation for each available language, on the top of the Clear the space page.



Next translations should be on a more efficient site :

Some backups :

Long Term[edit]

Short Term[edit]


Bob, 29 January : January 2015 Update on CNVC Process for a New Future
Bob, 10 April : New Future schedule accelerating
Bob, 11 April : Why
Bob, 22 April : A few more bits to translate for network update


  • Bob, 03 June :