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The New Future Process

CNVC is engaged in a multi-year project to create a new global NVC organisation.

Members of the global NVC community have been invited to rethink, from the ground up, how we will organise ourselves

Summarizing the New Future Process

1. Process Design

2. Synanim Process of Gathering

feedback from the global community

3. Working Groups

4. Integration Council

5. Transition Team

6. Implementation Council

7. Launch of New Organisation: NVC-O

Emerging now from the New Future Process

On behalf of the Integration Council, June 2016

We celebrate

The Integration Council integrated the products of the various workgroups resulting in an

Integrated Plan

to be offered to the Community for feedback.

Additionally, an Implementation Council has been sociocratically elected...

and a Transition Team has formed

The Integration Council agreed on a structure to enable the Vision of our Community and Organization.

Core Values

Connection to Purpose

Growing Capacity



Our Hope

We want the organisation

at the heart of the NVC movement to reflect and be a living laboratory for the full radical potential

of the paradigm implicit in Nonviolent Communication

We are choosing to create

a structure that aims to embody, in full, the structural assumption of the interdependence of all things.

The plan begins at the most inclusive level:

the Netweb

The overall structure of the NVC Community and Organisation, serving all who are connected to Nonviolent Communication


The Netweb structure has two primary elements within it

The Community The Organisation

The Netweb

This Netweb is created by connecting all the different points within it together

The Shared Vision of our Community and Organisation

We envision a world

where systems, cultures and individuals support the wellbeing and empowerment of all people,

with care for past, present, and future life.

Hundreds of Thousands of people enjoy a more wonderful life because of Marshall’s gift of

Nonviolent Communication.

Together, we form the Community

The entire collection of individuals that are

coming together within the Netweb.

The Purpose of our Community

Our Purpose is

to be a network that lives and radiates interdependence and compassion.

Our Community shares

a Virtual Home and Vision with the Organisation and offers its own purpose and mission

to all members

The Mission of our Community

We are an informal community spread across the world, dedicated to supporting Members of our Community and individuals and organisations beyond that Community in creating a world that works for all. We...

CONNECT: by actively reaching out to individuals and organisations and supporting them to learn and integrate NVC principles and practices;

SUPPORT: each other through empathic presence, authenticity and connection;

DEVELOP: principles and invent practices through hands-on work in different contexts and cultures that contribute to the creation of a world that works for all;.

MODEL: Nonviolent Communication principles and practices as individuals, in our interactions with others, and in the groups and organisations that we work in and with;

INSPIRE: others to consider looking at NVC principles and practices as a tool that could enrich their lives;

INITIATE: and organise events that nourish, celebrate and expand our Community;

PROVIDE: input for the Organisation by harvesting the wisdom and knowledge generated within the Community.

Each person in our Community is like a cell, an integral and necessary

part of the whole,

the Netweb

Individuals become Members of our Community because: -they are inspired by our shared Vision;

-they are inspired by and long to learn and integrate the values, behavior and communication styles identified by our Organisation as being in alignment with our shared Vision.

Members of our Community can choose to become part of our Organisation

by becoming a Partner

Our Partners

The Partners make up

“the Organisation”.

As a placeholder, in this document we will refer to the organisation as NVC-O

The new structure organises the global NVC network in a different way that retains the existing functions and organisational forms of the community

while creating a formal and stronger tie between the Community and Organisation.


A formal entity registered outside the US (possibly in multiple locations including the US) featuring:

an unlimited number of Partners. self-selected based on rigorous criteria of contribution and service

a shared vision

a clear purpose and mission agreements to function in certain ways a virtual home

• • • •

The Purpose of Our Organisation

We dedicate ourselves to the well being and empowerment of all by applying and sharing Nonviolent Communication principles and practices with individuals and within systems and cultures.

Our structure is like a fabric woven from many strands of fiber. Each point or node in the Netweb is called a Weave.


the smallest unit of self-organiszing within the Netweb, composed of up to 12 individuals.

Types of Weaves


form when at least 2 Members come

together with a shared purpose

may come together based on geographic location, common interest, function, focus, or project


Community Weaves come together for a variety of purposes, including:

-supporting each other’s learning, growth, healing, and transformation (e.g. practice groups) -sharing NVC with others (e.g. DACH or BayNVC)

There is no expectation or any explicit agreement or commitment to contribute to the Organisation; it is only individual Community Weaves who choose for themselves if there are ways they want to contribute.

Community Weaves are encouraged to have a minimum of 1/12 of those participating be Partners as a way to maintain a close link with NVC-O for the purpose of supporting (global) connection and coordination;

Links between Partners involved with Community Weaves also support:

• more effective and informed contribution;

• mutual learning and support;

• flow of information back to NVC-O about what

is happening in our Community and the ideas and activities that are flourishing there.

The knowledge and experience gathered in the our Community feeds back into NVC-O through the Weave structure.

Community Organisation Leadership

and feeds back to the Community in mutual education

Community Organisation Leadership


A structural unit within NVC-O organizing weaves into nine primary groups

Nine Theme Clusters

Community Interface

NVC Evolution and Innovation Projects

Applications Creating Access

Organisational Process Resources


External Communications

The Global Council

is the convergence point where weaves come together

The Global Council has specific coordination and initiation functions

Composed of 12 Partners

1 from each Cluster (9)

A Global Council Holder plus an Internal Leader and an elected Community Member

Global Council Leaders

Internal Leader: A person selected by the Global Council to tend to carefully defined functions of leadership including:

building relationships within NVC-O; integrity of our work;

the overall function of the organisation.

Global Council Holder supports the functioning of the Council by

• attending to internal issues

• track and monitor process and tasks

• offer leadership, feedback and conflict resolution as needed within the Global Council

Elected Community Member

• • •

Virtual Home

Our state of the art online virtual home open 24/7/365

Connection is the life blood of our shared vision

Operational Agreement

An agreed-upon way of doing things

(the equivalent of “policy” in the new structure) such as for Organisational Weaves to divide when they reach the number 12 so as to preserve effective action and decision-making.

Operational Agreements may apply throughout

the organisation or only in parts of NVC-O

Putting the pieces together...

The Partners organise in the service of the Community and the world.

The Community feeds the Organisation with support, ideas, knowledge and experience- a realization of our interdependence.

Our Shared Vision:

We envision a world where systems, cultures and individuals support the wellbeing and empowerment of all people, with care for past, present, and future life.

NVC-O Purpose:

We dedicate ourselves to the well being and empowerment of all by applying and sharing Nonviolent Communication principles and practices with individuals and within systems and cultures.

The Mission of Our Organisation

As a global organisation, we seek to actively serve and support our Community and to reach out to the world to advocate for the transformative power of NVC principles and practices. We:

SUPPORT: the transition to collaborative systems and practices at all levels of society;

CONNECT: all who are inspired to learn, integrate, share and apply Nonviolent Communication;

ACTIVATE: conditions that enable knowledge and activities throughout the Community to become of service to the whole;

PROVIDE: platforms, resources and materials;

MODEL: NVC and collaborative principles and practices as individuals and throughout the organisation;

EVOLVE: our capabilities and understanding of NVC through research and experimentation;

INITIATE: and implement collaborative and mutually supportive projects in partnership with members of the Community and the world at large; INSPIRE: and link with other communities and organizations who share a compatible vision.

Offered by the Purpose Work Group, consented Dec 14, 2015

A few specific aspects of the Integrated Plan

Two ways of joining

• 1) as a Member of the NVC-O Community, which provides access to all resources on our new virtual home and an opportunity to belong to a larger whole with a purpose related to increasing the role of NVC in the world.

2) as a Partner in NVC-O, which, in addition, entails a commitment to service in support of the NVC-O Community and in support of the world. Partners participate in decision-making:

• individually through the advice process as it relates to their own work;

• as part of groups reaching collaborative decisions as needed;

• through direct or indirect selection of people to serve on the Global Council.


There are two main changes here.

1) The NVC-O Community is likely to now have more of a sense of being a whole, having its own Vision, Purpose, and Mission and a structure that allows a formal and specific connection with NVC-O.

2) Members will have more capacity to find and relate to each other.

Changes Regarding Certification

• Recognized roles are no longer just limited to “CNVC certified trainer.” Instead, they include “NVC Practitioner” and “NVC Ambassador” in a variety of fields.

• Recognized Roles are determined based on self-reflection and feedback from Recognized Roles Weave members rather than feedback from a sole assessor.

• Weaves co-create systems that support on- going growth, learning, and feedback.

• Power and privilege training and awareness is part of the path to Recognized Roles.

Changes Regarding Training (IITs and other Learning Events)

• NVC-O sponsors International Intensive Trainings, Facilitated Learning Gatherings and Self-Organized NVC Gatherings.

• Learnings from all events are carefully harvested and considered when preparing new events.

• Lots of care and consideration given to reinventing IITs so that they fully adapt to local cultures and values.

• Greater variety of “official” offerings that support more collaboration, adapt to more learning styles, and allow for more contribution

• Ongoing feedback and evolution are integral to the process

• NVC is made more relevant to multiple cultures and contexts

Social Change and Peacebuilding

Training Exchange


Sharing Projects


Funding Exchange

Featured Projects

Open Forum

Creating Access

• A major explicit commitment to creating access and to attending to issues of power, privilege, and resource disparity.

• Specific operational agreements are included in this plan so as to ensure that the commitment is anchored structurally.

• Mechanisms are built-in for training and learning in this area to become more integrated through the Recognized Roles system.


• Resources flow in multiple directions

• Full transparency of resource generation and

allocation within NVC-O

• Possibility for Partners to participate in decisions

related to resources

• Projects can operate without waiting for a central

authority to fund them

soliciting feedback from the Community on the Integrated Plan

prototyping: trying out our strategies in the real world on a pilot basis

Next Steps: Feedback

Integration Council

Implementation Council

Jeyanthy Siva Elkie Deadman Elin Searfoss Roxy Manning Aimee Ryan

Next Steps

The Implementation Council will begin their work in October.

A Transition Plan is underway

• •

From Current CNVC to Self‐Managing Weaves From Integrated Plan to Launching NVC‐O

Transition Team

2 CNVC Board Members (Cate and Jan Carel) 2 CNVC Staff Members, (Elin, who is also an Implementation Council Member, and Pan) 4 Integration Council Members (Barbara, Bob, Mary, Miki)

Now Oct 6, 2016

Implementation Council begins to Implement Integrated Plan

January, 2017

Transitional Weaves

Timeline Continued

Launch Community

Sep. 2017 ‐ Mar. 2018

Launch NVC‐O Mar 2018 ‐ Dec 2018

Nov 2018 ‐ global launch convention

Regular onboarding process begins Jan 2019

Feedback Process

Transition Team

Community Integration Council

Community response to Integrated Plan

Implementation Council

• How do I get more information and follow our progress? • How do I get Involved?

• How do I help us fund NVC-O?

The End &

The Beginning