Integrated Plan Feedback Survey (Addendum) in English

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Integrated Plan Feedback Survey (Addendum) in English Source language: English

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Integrated Plan Feedback Survey (Addendum) in English

(if you prefer to share your contact info with no one, please write "Private" in these required fields.)

Are you open to keeping your contact information public?

Like all other aspects of the New Future Process, we intend to make feedback provided by the community public. You may choose not to share your personal contact information.


No - My contact info will only be seen by Integration or Implementation Council members reviewing feedback.

Thank you so much for participating in the New Future Process. Do you know 2 other people who are interested in the evolution of the NVC network globally? If so, please tell them about New Future Process and the Integrated Plan TODAY.

Feedback received *before* Nov 7 will be reviewed by the Integration Council (before the plan goes into effect and CNVC officially transforms into the new organisation and begins operating according to shared operating agreements).

Feedback received *after* Nov 7 will be channeled to the Implementation Council as part of NVC-O's on-going evolution and organisational learning process.

To view all responses, go to [TBD]

If you are interested in discussing the plan or each others' responses further and receiving announcements about the New Future Process, please consider joining the dedicated CNVC Future discussion forum. There are options to receive more/less or no direct email. <!forum/cnvc-futur>