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Subject: Announcing “Framing the Big Picture” beginning June 18th

Dear friends,

Over the last few weeks, since launching the “Process for a New Future" proposal for organisational change, we have been working to explain the process, translate documents, and support groups in different countries to understand and engage with it. We are now ready to announce a start date and this email explains how you can participate.

On Wednesday June 18, we will hold the first session of the on-line process - 'Synanim' - we are using to develop a statement of how the NVC community would like to organize itself going forward.

This will begin “Framing the Big Picture”, which is Phase 1 of the “Process for a New Future”

June 18 will not be your only opportunity to join the process. There will be additional opportunities in the days immediately after, with times adapted to each time zone.

* * * *

Synanim is a five stage process. Where we had originally thought that Stages 1 through 4 would be conducted in different languages, and Stage 5 in English, we are pleased that the whole process will now run in any language the network wishes to make available. (Contact us at if you want to get involved).

Once the summary statements from the various languages have been developed, they will be translated into various languages and shared. Then we will solicit feedback from the network concerning all the the statements that were developed. We believe this will make the process much more inclusive of those who may not be proficient in English as a second language.

* * * *

In the next few days we will announce sign-ups for specific on-line sessions.


Bob Wentworth & Dominic Barter