Final Presentations and Last Call for Feedback on New Future Process’s Plan

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have twelve days left in the final feedback stage of the New Future Process. Right now we’re especially asking for high threshold feedback from as many people in our global network as possible...something you might see from your unique perspective, that would give you serious concern that this Plan will not get off the ground, or fulfill the Vision, Mission and Purpose that was synthesized from the input of over 600 of us from around the world.

Right now, various ways to review the Plan for a new Global NVC organisation are available in English and German (and very soon French) and Video Presentations are available in English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese. Live presentations of the Plan continue through November 1: one is a general Q & A, one focuses on how the Plan holds issues related to Access, and the other explores pilot Community Interface Weaves. All 12 Presentations previously offered are on You-Tube and/or Zoom. Feedback results are public.

Feedback received after Nov 7 will be reviewed by Implementation Council as they begin their work, now estimated to be February 1, 2017. And feedback will continue to be a key systemic element of the new organization, so if you don’t get to it now, there will be plenty of opportunity in the future.


DATE | TIME | TYPE | PRESENTER (language) | INTERPRETER (language)

** Thur, Oct 27 | 12 pm PDT / 9 pm CEST | Q&A | Jim Manske (English)

** NEW ** Fri, Oct 28 | 11 am PDT / 8 pm CEST | Special Presentation on exploring pilot Community Interface Weaves | Elkie Deadman (English)

**NEW** Tuesday, Nov 1 | 8:30 - 10:00 am PST// 5:50 - 7:00pm CET / Special Presentation on the Creating Access portion of the Plan / Roxy Manning & Amanda Blaine (English)


Audio/video files of previous information sessions are available HERE


Download the ~30 minute audio or video files,


This phase of feedback and comment period on the Plan is open until November 7, so please review and tell us what you think! English Feedback Survey. Feedback-Umfrage in Deutsch.

5- SPREAD THE WORD, ENGAGE YOUR COMMUNITY, AND INCREASE GLOBAL ACCESSA key principle of the new organisation is that things only get done if there is willingness and energy to do them.

We are still seeking Outreach Champions to engage the global community. Being an outreach partner can be as simple as forwarding news to FB groups or email networks that you are part of or as involved as organizing group attendance at an upcoming LIVE web presentation.

If you are excited and eager to understand and share the plan with your community (in any language!), please contact Uma at for more details.

6- CHOOSE THE INFORMATION FLOW THAT WORKS FOR YOU** CNVC's global list of NVC supporters will receive updates (like this) not more than once every 2-4 weeks.** If you want the latest news about the New Future Process - join the cnvc-futur Googlegroup forum to receive both announcements and discussion posts, like this Facebook page, or follow @CNVC on Twitter. With hope and gratitude,The New Future Process Support TeamBarbara Larson, Bob Wentworth, Uma Lo, Aimee Ryan and Pan Vera

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