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CNVC New Future Process - Integrated Plan[edit]

Summary of Changes[edit]

We believe that the easiest way to understand the Integrated Plan is to contrast what exists now with what is being planned. In briefest summary, the Integrated Plan organises the global NVC network in a way that allows the existing functions and organisations in the network at-large to continue while creating a formal and stronger tie between the NVC-O Community and NVC-O, the new organisation. The new structure also provides a more formal coherence through the Virtual Home and through the existence of a shared vision along with two distinct sets of purpose and mission. In addition, the new structure completely changes the functioning of NVC-O, now nested within the NVC-O Community. Overall, the new structure makes possible three things:

  1. There will now be ways for the NVC-O to engage in projects.
  2. It will now be possible for anyone who wants to contribute to the NVC-O in particular ways to do so.
  3. There will now be a way for the NVC-O and the community to have awareness of the different functions they serve and to relate in specific, mutually supportive ways.

In addition, the Integrated Plan attends to issues of power and privilege currently existing within the NVC network structurally, so that access to all our resources will be dramatically increased. The plan also includes significant changes for the certification and training functions currently run by CNVC. The table below provides more details about these changes, which are then spelled out in the subsequent documents.

A. Decision Making
Present CNVC is an organisation with an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, incorporated in the USA. Decisions are made by its board of directors, its staff (of less than 10 people), a group of assessors who make decisions about trainer certification, and others (such as IIT organisers and trainers) with whom those in the organization choose to collaborate. There is no formal mechanism for Certified Trainers or others in the global NVC network to participate in decision-making.
Future NVC-O is an organisation with no physical headquarters, incorporated outside of the USA. It is made up of Partners distributed around the world, and it is relatively simple for anyone who chooses to, to become a Partner. Partners are organised into self-managed teams (called “weaves”) that have specific areas of focus. Partners and their teams operate autonomously with full decision-making authority. There are no command-and-control structures. There are structures to support dialogue and decisions about common concerns. Operational Agreements support alignment and effective, harmonious operation. Decisions are made by Partners and the Weaves they belong to.
What’s Changed? Decisions continue to be made by those who actively work within the organisation. However, many more people are considered to be actively working within NVC-O than were in CNVC. It is relatively easy for anyone who wants to take on this role (of being a Partner, with associated decision-making authority). Decision-making is more distributed than ever before. The intention is to eliminate decision-making bottlenecks and the need to wait for someone else to act before movement is possible.
B. The global NVC network
Present The global NVC network consists of all the people in the world -- trainers, supporters, and committed enthusiasts -- who are passionate about NVC and are at least in some small way involved in sharing it with others. The global NVC network is divided into an organisation -- CNVC -- and the community that surrounds and supports it, consisting of individuals and of local groups and organisations. The only established relationship between CNVC and others is through Certified Trainers.
Future While people might still use the term informally to refer to the same group, there is no role for this term in the new structure.
What’s Changed? There is no change in the overall division between the community and NVC-O, and in the functions that the community serves. There is significant change in the composition of NVC-O and in its relationship with the community.
C. The community
Present We define current ‘community’ as the loose collection of individuals and groups (e.g. BayNVC, DACH, NVC Academy) around the world that are passionate about NVC and want to to be in relationship with each other. Individuals and groups have a variety of ways to connect with each other: CT list, other CNVC email lists, registering as supporter on the website, visiting the website.
Future An organised group with a virtual home, a vision, a purpose, and a mission.

Individuals register as Members of the NVC-O Community based on self-selecting criteria, including and going beyond passion about NVC. They can find each other on the virtual home, and be part of groups (“Community Weaves”). Existing organisations may register as Community Weaves, and new Community Weaves, unrelated to any pre-existing group, may also form. The NVC-O Community is linked to NVC-O (1) through NVC-O Community Members who choose to also join NVC-O as NVC-O Partners, and (2) through NVC-O’s function of supporting the NVC-O Community.

What’s Changed? There are two main changes here. 1) the NVC-O Community is likely to now have more of a sense of being a whole, having its own Vision, Purpose, and Mission and a structure that allows a formal and specific connection with NVC-O. 2) Members will have more capacity to find and relate to each other.
D. The organisation
Present CNVC: A formal entity registered in the US, with an office, a board, a staff, and a few individuals appointed to specific volunteer roles (e.g. assessors, New Future Process working groups).
Future NVC-O: A formal entity registered outside the US (possibly in multiple locations including the US) with a virtual home and an unlimited number of Partners who self-select based on rigorous criteria of contribution and service in connection with a clear vision, purpose, and mission and who agree to function in certain ways. They are connected through a “netweb” of Weaves that form as-needed to support the work and mission.
What’s Changed? This is where the majority of the change is happening. The NVC-O is dispersed, with action happening wherever there is energy. It is open to being joined, and has an extensive structure that supports self-management everywhere. The structure allows for projects to emerge anywhere so long as there are people who are committed to doing them, and for ways of doing global fundraising to support such projects. There is no central location, no central body that makes things happen or prevents them from happening. Everything that takes place happens in specific weaves, with specific people initiating, implementing, and sustaining projects.
E. Relationship between CNVC and larger community
Present The only established connection is between CNVC and individual certified trainers; many people are confused about what is the community and what is CNVC, believing that CNVC is the community as a whole where, in fact, it is only the formal organisation.
Future Members of the NVC-O Community can choose to become part of NVC-O by becoming a NVC-O Partner.

Each Community Weave (which may be an existing NVC group, or a newly formed group) is invited to connect with NVC-O through having a minimum of 1/12 of those participating being NVC-O Partners, thereby allowing for support for the NVC-O Community and for feedback to NVC-O. There is also a relationship in the sense of coherence to the whole, itself strengthened by the fact that the NVC-O Community and NVC-O share their vision. Finally, since NVC-O and the NVC-O Community share the virtual home, there is likely to be more ease in providing awareness and mutual support.

What’s Changed? It is hard to exactly delineate how these changes will unfold and how/when new relationships will stabilize. Part of the challenge is how to support everyone in understanding the distinction between people who are ready, willing, and able to help build NVC-O and people who are passionate about NVC and want to belong to a larger community without necessarily being engaged in supporting NVC-O specifically.

If things unfold as anticipated in this plan, and aligned with the ‘backbone’ role of NVC-O, there will be far more coordination, support, and coherence than at present, when support and coordination depend on a small group of overworked staff and mechanisms do not exist for making CNVC effective in providing resources to individuals, communities, and organisations that bring NVC to the world.

F. Membership
Present No mechanism exists for membership in CNVC
Future Two ways of joining: 1) as a Member of the NVC-O Community, which provides access to all resources on the virtual home (many of which will also available also to the public at large) and an opportunity to belong to a larger whole with a purpose related to increasing the role of NVC in the world. 2) NVC-O Members may also become NVC-O Partner, which entails an additional commitment to service in support of the NVC-O Community and in support of the world. Partners participate in decision-making: individually through the advice process as it relates to their own work; as part of groups reaching collaborative decisions as needed; through direct or indirect selection of people to serve on the Global Council.
What’s Changed? This is one of the major changes that our work brings about.
G. Creating Access
Present Both CNVC as an organization and other entities such as local organizations and individual trainers provide access to resources on a case by case basis.
Future NVC-O is embracing a structural commitment to attend to issues of power and privilege and to flow resources from where they exist to where they are needed. This plan establishes a variety of mechanisms for doing that, including both operating agreements and specific structures such as the Access Weave Cluster and the role of access point people on weaves. (See the Creating Access section for details.)
What’s Changed?
  • A major explicit commitment to creating access and to attending to issues of power, privilege, and resource disparity
  • Specific operational agreements are included in this plan to ensure that the commitment is anchored structurally and doesn’t depend on individuals overcoming acculturation into privilege that usually results in the continuation of practices that perpetuate privilege.
  • Mechanisms are built-in for training and learning in this area to become more integrated through the Recognized Roles system (see below)
H. Resources
Present All common resources are held by CNVC with little to no input from others in the allocation of these resources. Individuals and groups that are part of the global NVC network generate and allocate their own resources independently of CNVC. Certified trainer agreements specify amounts of money that trainers will pay annually to CNVC.
Future Those within the NVC-O Community continue to operate as they currently do in terms of resources. The plan calls for Partners and Weaves within NVC-O to be autonomous in their decisions about resources they themselves generate for their own use, and to participate in generation and allocation of common resources through a budget marketplace that takes places periodically utilizing a modified advice process and other mechanisms.
What’s Changed?
  • Resources flow in multiple directions
  • Full transparency of resource generation and allocation within NVC-O
  • Possibility for Partners to participate in decisions related to resources
  • Projects can operate without waiting for a central authority to fund them
I. Certification and Integrity
Present CNVC has two long-term goals for the certification process. One is to create a community of trainers who want to work with CNVC to fulfill our vision. The second is to ensure that the next generation and succeeding generations are taught NVC in a way that preserves and protects the integrity of the NVC process. People may go through an individual certification process to take on the title “CNVC Certified Trainer” by working directly with a CNVC assessor. The process is generally outlined in the “Certification Preparation Packet” and is individually tailored. Certification can occur one-on-one with an assessor or in community settings of candidates and assessors.
Future To support our hope of thriving, interdependent communities around the world, we choose to recognize individuals who integrate the principles of NVC in project-based, community-focused, and relationship-oriented ways. By having NVC-O recognized roles, we encourage awareness and clarity of what the practice of NVC is and how it supports interdependence as concretely seen through words, actions, and choices in ways that inspire and inform others. There will be a recognized role of “NVC Practitioner” for those who are integrating NVC into their daily lives and are engaged in NVC community. “NVC Ambassador” is another recognized role where NVC is individually integrated as well as applied in various fields such as conflict resolution, education, families, health care, mediation, and others. Each field has its own endorsement. Recognized roles are based on self-reflection and feedback from NVC communities.
What’s Changed?
  • Recognized roles are no longer just limited to “CNVC certified trainer.” Instead, they include “NVC Practitioner” and “NVC Ambassador” in a variety of fields.
  • Recognized Roles are determined based on self-reflection and feedback from Recognized Roles Weave members rather than feedback from a sole assessor.
  • Weaves co-create systems that support on-going growth, learning, and feedback.
  • Power and privilege training and awareness is part of the path to Recognized Roles.
J. Trainings
Present CNVC Sponsors International Intensive Trainings IITs around the world. Learnings from all these trainings are not integrated, but often disappear when an IIT ends. IITs struggle with adapting to local non-Western cultures.
Future NVC-O sponsors International Intensive Trainings, Facilitated Learning Gatherings and Self-Organized NVC Gatherings.

Learnings from all events are carefully harvested and considered when preparing new events. Significantly more care and consideration given to reinventing IITs so that they fully adapt to local cultures and values.

What’s Changed?
  • Greater variety of “official” offerings that support more collaboration, adapt to more learning styles, and allow for more contribution
  • Ongoing feedback and evolution are integral to the process
  • NVC is made more relevant to multiple cultures and contexts