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Below is the final text for Wednesday’s session. My strong preference would be to get translations by 7:00am CEST on Wednesday, so I can set everything up tonight. However, if necessary, I could potentially deal with translations received as late as 17:30 CEST on Wednesday.

Thank you so much for your help!

Bob Wentworth

CNVC Lead Evolution Agent

======== TEXT TO BE TRANSLATED ========[edit]

1. How has this process been for you so far? What has worked (needs met) and what has not worked (needs unmet) for you? What would you like others in your group to know (anonymously) about how you are feeling now in relation to this process?

2. Imagine that your ideal global/international NVC organization has been created. Write an “About Us” blurb to tell people about the organization — its purpose, a high-level view of what it does, possibly how it is organized or how it functions, and including what is special about this organization. The intended reader is a potential supporter of the organization who wants to know what they would be supporting.

3. Reflecting on all that has been said since this process began, and thinking about the purpose, focuses, and modes of operation of a new version of our global network, what key points seem significant enough to bring forth to the entire global NVC community?

Reflect and share

This is a chance to share (anonymously) how you are, in relation to being at this point in the process.

Note: This session will involve 3 questions, including this one. There will be a three-week pause after today, until the next session, which will likely be the last in this process.


This is simply a chance to read what others have shared.

(The mechanism of the program requires that this be put in the form of a choice. You might choose what seems most representative of the group, but the choice is not critical.)

Allow what you write to be informed by what has come before, and to reflect all that has been learned through this process.

This question will have 5 steps, including a vote.

It is time to begin to wrap up, to produce something that will be a clear distillation of all that has come before, will provide to the network a reflection of its work, and will inform and inspire those who will be making concrete decisions about the future.

As you consider your response, aim for the following:

Meaning: Offer general information about what is collectively wanted, to orient those in the working groups

Mattering: To give those who participated in the process a sense that what was most important to them has been publicly voiced and is showing up in the results

Synthesis: You want to capture something that is beyond the many specific details that have come up so far yet preserves enough of the detail to be rich and meaningful

Various prior texts are shown below.

======== END OF TEXT TO BE TRANSLATED ========[edit]