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CNVC New Future Process ‐ Integrated Plan


In coming up with the terms to use in this plan, our goal has been to minimise the possibility of the new structure and functions being filtered through the lens of existing organisational structures in the world. We chose carefully. In particular, the structure and governance aspects of this plan introduce various unfamiliar terms and may create potential challenges for translators. Our choice is based on the understanding that the words we use influence and inform how we think about things, the cornerstone of NVC work. In this context, new words may support new thinking.

The order of the terms in this glossary is the order in which they appear in the plan.

VPM: Vision, Purpose, and Mission as defined initially by the Integration Council and as they evolve over time.

NVC‐O Community: the entire collection of individuals that are coming together within this structure, united by their passion and enthusiasm for living and sharing NVC.

NVC‐O (NVC the Organization, a placeholder for the new name instead of Center for Nonviolent Communication): the subset of the community that self‐selects to proactively contribute to an additional Purpose and Mission of actively supporting the NVC‐O Community and of facilitating structural and systemic change in the world, supported by an organisational structure and a framework of shared agreements.

A Member (of the NVC‐O Community): Someone who joins the NVC‐O Community and participates in any way that makes sense to them.

A NVC‐O Partner: Someone who, in addition to being a Member of the NVC‐O Community, is also committed to the additional Purpose and Mission of NVC‐O and participates in at least one Organisational Weave, collaborating with other Partners and participating in collective responsibility (in ways guided by the Operational Agreements).

The netweb: The term we use to describe the way we structure our component parts

A Weave: The name of the individual structural units of the NVC‐O Community and of NVC‐O that

make up the nodes of the netweb

A Community Weave: A group (of any size) of Members who come together within the NVC‐O Community for purposes of learning, connection, support, healing, community, and/or contribution.

An Organisational Weave: A group of (up to twelve) Partners who come together within NVC‐O for a purpose of serving and getting things done. They may come together based on geographic location, common interest, function, focus, or project.

A Cluster: A structural unit within NVC‐O where Weaves are organised into nine primary groups: Community Interface, Maintenance, Resources, Organisational Process, Creating Access, External Communications, Applications, Projects, NVC Evolution and Innovation.

The Global Council (GC): A structural unit within NVC‐O with specific coordination and initiation functions, where the Weaves come together: one person selected from each cluster, a global council holder, an internal leader, and a person selected from the NVC‐O Community, for a total of twelve.

Internal Leader: A person selected by the Global Council to tend to carefully defined functions of leadership including building relationships within NVC‐O, integrity of our work, and the overall function of the organisation.

Operational Agreement (OA): An agreed‐upon way of doing things (the equivalent of “policy” in the new structure) such as for Organisational Weaves to divide when they reach the number 12 so as to preserve effective action and decision‐making. Operational Agreements may apply throughout the organisation or only in parts of NVC‐O. Their function is fully explained in the Operational Agreements document.

The Virtual Home: NVC‐O’s state‐of‐the‐art online virtual home open 24/7/365 that enables international coordination, collaboration, and communication among Members, Partners, Weaves, and other units of the whole.

Specialised Role: A role that is present in multiple weaves, or which serves people in multiple weaves.

Recognised Roles: The term used to describe the function that will replace “Certification” in NVC‐O, recognising those who, through the practice of NVC, live in ways that support a world that works for all on personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels. Specifically, individuals are recognised who integrate the principles of NVC in project‐based, community‐focused, and relationship‐oriented ways in order to encourage awareness and clarity of what the practice of NVC is and how it supports interdependence.

NVC Practitioners: Individuals who are actively pursuing the integration and application of NVC principles into their daily life on the personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels. They live and apply NVC principles primarily in various social contexts including personal and professional arenas.

NVC Ambassadors: Integrated NVC Practitioners with post‐conventional fluidity who apply NVC principles and practices in specified fields. They share NVC principles primarily through the application of the principles in various fields. Note: Current Certified Trainers fall into this category, as well as those applying NVC in mediation, social change, organisational settings, etc.

Recognised Role (RR) Weave: A relationally‐oriented transformational living, learning, feedback community and social labs housed within NVC‐O. RR weaves focus on collaborative, 360‐degree feedback, emphasising support for and integrity of embodied and applied NVC. Membership may be fluid as individuals who have stepped into Recognised Roles may move into different weaves or stay with a RR weave as mentors and collaborators with those who are seeking to step into recognised roles.

Recognised Role Weave Coach: An individual who provides support for Recognised Role Weave system set‐up, maintenance, and conflict transformation within and between RR weaves. RR Weave Coaches also provide feedback for individuals and communities throughout their journey of integrating NVC consciousness.

Integration Trustee: An Individual who supports weaves in engaging in open feedback for embodying and applying NVC as well as discernment of NVC integrity. NVC Integration Trustees also provide feedback to individuals seeking recognised roles and are part of the 360‐degree feedback process in RR Weaves.

Global Recognised Role Stewardship Council: An organizational weave that focuses on supporting RR weaves and that focuses on tracking the integrity, evolution, intercultural applications, access, practices, processes and general weave support for all RR Weaves.