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The process starts in about 54 hours!

So, it’s time to translate the instructions and questions for the first session (even though these aren’t necessarily final yet).

Here are some (tentative) instructions:


Brainstorm a list of key words and phrases.


Expand your selection into a rough draft.

Condense and prioritize

Think like an editor!

Pare your selection to essentials, prioritize the ideas.

Embellish and copy for yourself

Embellish your selection for impact.

Save a copy for yourself before submitting.

And here is the current version of the 3 questions to be asked:

What needs do you hope to meet, and what effects do you hope to have, by living NVC consciousness and having NVC consciousness be shared with others?

What challenges do we face, as individuals and collectively, in living and sharing NVC consciousness in the world?

What could we do to be much more effective in living and sharing NVC consciousness?

I will let you know if anything changes.

Thanks, Bob Wentworth

CNVC Lead Evolution Agent