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d'ici mi-juillet.

May - mid-July

mid-July - mid-September


This process has been like a birth… like evolution. We know something is coming, we’ve had an idea of a linear timeline, and as midwives, we have tried to balance our own expectations of how it would progress, and the human and mystery factors that are clearly in play. With CNVC now in a financial crisis, we’re asking this process to intensify in time, so that we can be confident that there will be the resources to support it to it’s final healthy birth. Despite the financial situation at CNVC, we are still here, still engaged, and still supporting the process to unfold. We have the support of the current Board, and now the process is about to be turned over to you, the Community.

You are going to co-create a new organization(s) that will exist to fulfill the shared life-affirming purpose that we’re longing for. It may not be easy for those of you who choose to serve on a Working Group. It is birth. It may be painful, you may want more time, and, it’s going to take many of you/us to commit to being a part the birth process in the form of Working Groups. We hope you’ll meet us there -- we’ll support you in your work -- and we can’t continue any farther without you. The support of our community will also be needed to support the Working Groups. This is an intensive, creative, community process from here on out.