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Dear language champions,

Here are some additional phrases needed for the user interface. I’ll need French and German for these as soon as possible, so they can be in place for our next round of tests, and then for the real thing, a little over 30 hours from now!

The following text is part of the initial “waiting” screen. It precedes a list of time slots.

At the end of you session, you may be invited to sign up for another session, at one of the times listed below.

You will not have much time then to choose. So, please decide now which of the times listed below would work best for you, and make a note of your choice.

Instruction(s) during “pick” step:

Pick the answer that best reflects what is important to you and others.

The timer is for both reading submissions and writing your next submission. So, use some of the time to read and pick, and the rest of the time to write.

The timer is for reading and picking only, there is no writing in this step.

Before selecting the best entry, copy, paste and save to a file.

Then vote.

Text for the page inviting people to another session (for use when everyone is invited):

Invitation to Next Session

You are invited to participate in another session.

For the final screen:

Your session is complete. If you will be joining us for another session, we look forward to that. If not, know that what you have contributed will influence what comes next. You will be notified when the final results of the Synanim process are available to be shared.

Thank you for your gift of time, thought, and care.

For the reminder email that will be sent out after the first session:

The upcoming session will address some of the “big questions” about how we would like to organize globally. We will talk about some of the most important questions affecting what we do next. Note, however, that one session may not be enough time to consider all aspects of the issues. Additional aspects of these issues will be considered in later stages of the on-line process.

For a link to a web page:

Not receiving emails?

The above will link to a version of . The German translation of this page is in place, but I see that the French version is not. Dieudonné, could you get translated text for this onto the French version of this page?

Thank you for all your help!

Bob Wentworth

CNVC Lead Evolution Agent