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Thank you for participating in the final Synanim session on Wednesday Aug 6. Would you be willing to take an additional step to help complete the work that you did together in that session?

We would like to improve the trustworthiness of the vote to decide which text should be considered the “final result” of the process. The vote that happened during the process was not as statistically significant as we would wish, and we want to know that we are using a result that you collectively support.

Below are the 6 answers that were submitted in response to the final question.

Would you be willing to read each of these answers, and for each answer, rate on a zero (0) to ten (10) scale how much resistance you have to that answer being selected as the final result to be shared with the world? So, a zero (0) would mean that you are completely happy to have that answer be selected. A ten (10) would mean that you are strongly opposed to that answer being selected. You could fill out the table below to offer your ratings:

Answer 5-1 : __

Answer 5-2 : __

Answer 5-3 : __

Answer 5-4 : __

Answer 5-5 : __

Answer 5-6 : __

If you are willing and able to help in this way, I would appreciate receiving your ratings by Monday September 15, 21:00. You might also let me know if you will not be able to do this.

Thank you!

Bob Wentworth

CNVC Lead Evolution Agent