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What’s this about small groups?

In a particular Synanim session, you will be organized into a small group, and during that session, you will interact with the written ideas of people in that small group.

How are the small groups decided?

It’s easiest to think of it as random. But if you’d like to be more precise, what really happens is that it is based on the order in which you log into the system and click on the project you will be participating in. The system puts you in a queue, and as soon as the system accumulates enough people to form a small group, it gathers those who have been waiting and puts them into a group.

How big are the groups?

The recommendation is that we tell the system to use a group size of six, though up to eight might work also.

How to change/cancel a registration?

To change registration, simply register again for the time you want. The old registration will (probably) be cancelled — either manually, which may take some time, or automatically if Bob adds a feature to do that.

To actually cancel a registration, send email to synanim-admin-fr@cnvc.org and Bob will attend to this manually. It is useful to organisers to know about cancellations.