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Subject: New Future schedule accelerating

SUMMARY: The New Future process schedule has been shortened, and Working Groups will be asked to complete their work in May and June.

Dear friends and colleagues,

We would like to offer an update on the CNVC Process for a New Future.


The most significant news is that we are adjusting the schedule to complete the process much sooner than we had previously planned. The new schedule is:

  • April - Identify Working Group participants.
  • May & June - Working Groups meet, develop actionable decisions, and elect Integration Council.
  • July & August - Integration Council meets, ratifies integrated set of actionable decisions, and selects Implementation Council.
  • September - Implementation Council meets, coordinates with CNVC Board to begin implementing decisions.

This new schedule is intended to provide clarity about our collective next steps by the end of August.

The Working Groups will need to do a lot of focused work to complete their task in two months instead of the four month period we had originally scheduled. Working Groups will be encouraged to use a multi-day in-person meeting to support getting the job done — though Working Groups will be free to use any strategy that works for them.


We received 25 responses to our questionnaire about topic areas. The responses may be reviewed here.

At described in the original documentation for the New Future Process:

  • The CNVC Board will invite individuals to participate in Working Groups, based on the indicated criteria, after soliciting suggestions from individuals in the NVC network who have had opportunities to experience many members of the NVC community, and whose judgment we respect.

We have solicited suggestions for potential Working Group participants. Over the next few weeks we will be recommending to the Board sets of individuals to populate the Working Groups. We will also be working on developing materials to help orient Working Group members to the work we are asking them to do.

As soon as Working Groups have been populated, their members will be invited to plan a meeting schedule, announce that schedule so anyone interested can observe, and begin working as soon as possible.

We will let you know when there is more news to be shared.


Bob Wentworth for the CNVC New Future process support team

PS. For reference, what we are looking for in Working Group members is as follows.


Ability to dedicate significant time to the Working Group during the upcoming Topic Area Decisions phase (expected to be during May and June).

Ability to support group in achieving a concrete result in a limited amount of time.